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Leshay's work explores the human condition through figures isolated and shaped by their environments and experiences.  Using mixed media to develop narrative and psychological aspects of various subjects, she paints symbolic and metaphorical representations of their inner voices and external manifestation. She explores the conflict between how people are perceived by others and their subjective realities, considering their feelings of separation, isolation, hope, shame, loss, defiance, love, grief, and fear. 


Rafael Guadalupe is inspired to think, discover, and compose on canvas.  He engages his viewers to participate in an open dialogue exploring the origins of beliefs and how they change, adapt, and get reconciled.  His paintings include human pictograms and various size symbols that are partially visible and invisible.  His overlapping images and layers of paint convey a sense of transformation and passage of time.  His paintings express hope and joy, and explore our challenges for the future.

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